Familia Coconut makes up the crew of sailing vessel Messenger. They are a family of 5 who have made this boat their home for 4 years and sailed throughout the Caribbean and North Atlantic.


Captain Jay’s love for sailing started at an early age in California, when most teenagers are saving up their money to buy their first car Jay bought his first boat, a 1958 Bill Lapworth racing sloop. He’s owned numerous boats since then, always fixer-uppers which have given him vast experience in nautical remodeling and design. His professional career began in Hawaii where he became very knowledgeable with fiberglass shaping surfboards. Later on he applied these skills on large mega yacht projects. Since he left home as a young adult he lived onboard and traveled single-handed from his native California to Panamá. Jay met his wife Natasha in Costa Rica and together they left the Pacific for the Caribbean. In Florida they rescued Messenger, a 1982 German Frers race boat, which they have made their home and raised a family on.


First Mate Natasha had little experience sailing before becoming a permanent stow away on Carrizalilla, the boat Jay was living on when they met on the Pacific coast of her native country Costa Rica. But the dream of one day living on a boat and traveling around the world was planted at an early age during her summer trips to visit her maternal Grandfather in Florida who had a 20ft day sailor and who first gave her a copy of The Dove. Film and photography have been Natasha’s passion her entire life.  As the daughter of an amateur photographer she began taking photographs as a young teenager and making short home movies for fun. Natasha’s professional experience has covered a wide gamma in her field from education at NYU’s Film School to motion design for film distributor Kino International to owning her own production company Eclipse Productions. She has naturally become the media person on Messenger, recording her family’s adventures.


Steward Sol, born in March 2005 in NYC has been living aboard since she was 5 years old. She keeps the boat nice and tidy and is showing a passion for music, she’s learning to play the guitar and loves singing and is also very skilled at drawing and painting.


Bosuns Mate Luna, born in November 2006 in Costa Rica has been living aboard since she was 4 years old. She is a natural gymnast who is constantly climbing up the mast and hanging from the rigging. She is a handy-gal who is always building things and fixing things. She already does small jobs for the Captain on the bosuns chair up the mast and rigging.


Cabin Girl Caribe, born in February 2012 in Martinique has been living aboard her entire life, she was born on Messenger. She is more comfortable and skilled on decks and docks than on sidewalks and streets. Her vocabulary is more nautical than earthy. She is a water baby and a happy one at that.

4 thoughts on “Crew

  1. Welcome to Iceland Familia Coconut 🙂 I was just reading about your family and your adventures in the local paper here.

    There is a large expat community here if you are interested in connecting. There will be a Christmas party for the expats coming up soon. You can find info here. Also a good place to look for babysitters if the Captain and the first mate would ever like one night out 🙂

    As for First Mate Natasha, there is also a group called W.O.M.E.N in Iceland which is an association for foreign women living in Iceland, Icelandic women are also welcome to join our events so it is a blended bunch of fun if they attend 🙂 We would love to have you join us for our events.

    Information in English and Icelandic.

    I hope you all enjoy your stay in Iceland, it is a beautiful country.


  2. Just read through your blog – give my best to the girls – sending love from your friends at Seamen’s Church Institute in Newport, RI!


  3. Natasha, please reach out and say hello. I would love to have the opportunity to come and meet you for a journey. I would love to learn to sail. Are you still sailing? Ive been searching for you. You are no longer on facebook. Call or write 917 549 0813


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