Jay’s encounter with a great white shark

After this story you will understand why Jay could only think of sharks when he jumped into the ocean to save our dinghy, rather than the million other things that I was thinking of, what if he can’t get back on to the boat, will I be able to pull him up, what if he becomes untied and floats away, could I be able to sail this boat alone…

It was early January 2011, 3 years ago, we arrived to an uninhabited island, one on the very south end of the long strip of the Bahamas Islands. The sea bottom close to the island went from 200 ft to 40 ft and in-between lots of coral reefs we anchored in a patch of white sand. Jay jumped in with his mask to make sure the anchor had a good hold since there was reef all around us it was important we did not drag. I was tidding up things onboard, the girls were playing on deck. I heard Jay yell something back to us from the water but being upwind from him I did not ketch what he said, Luna who was closer to the stern of the boat repeated “He said let go of the dinghy”, I replied “No he didn’t”, I watched him and his head was in the water with his back floating on the surface when he began to launch forward, arms open, splashing the water violently as if doing an awkward butterfly stroke. He then slowly began swimming backwards without lifting his face out of the water, he reached the dinghy which was tied up behind us and jumped in, he was as white as the sandy bottom we just anchored in.

He came aboard and told us his story. He was swimming around checking out the reefs when out of the corner of his eye he sees something big move, he turns and about 20 ft away is a great white shark, 4 times his size, it has turned towards him and is slowly coming at him as if sniffling him out like a dog. This is when he yelled to let go of the dinghy which was about 10ft upwind from him, good quick thinking but his wife estaba en otras. So then he quickly thought “I need to convince this thing that I am going to eat him otherwise he’s going to eat me”, so he immediately started to launch towards it, as if he were a wild cave man, growling, kicking and splashing like a wild animal, it worked! The shark turned around and swam away from him, Jay kept his eyes on it as he swam backwards, the shark did loop around about 30 ft from him and started coming slowly towards him again but by then Jay had reached the dinghy and managed to jump to safety.

Lesson learned, always trust your husband, no matter how crazy his request might sound.